Sale of Birmingham

This Birmingham based company was established in 1862 Henry Bailey Sale who was registered as a letter cutter and engraver. Between 1870 and 1871 he Henry was briefly partnered by Alfred Martin who traded as Sale & Martin, diesinkers and letter cutters. By 1882 the company was further listed as a “contractor for of steel,and brass letter punches, brands, dies, seals, endorsing machines, etc.”

By 1901 the company was trading under H.B. Sale Ltd. and remained a family run company by the Sales until 1977.

The iconic H.B. Sale Building at Nos. 1 to 7, Constitution Hill, Birmingham

There premises are variously listed over time as being at the following locations in Birmingham;

  • 97.5 Great Hampton Street  between 1862-63
  • 65.5 Constitution Hill between 1864-68
  • 62 Constitution Hill between 1869
  • 61 Constitution Hill between 1870-82 (as Sale & Martin)
  • 135 Constitution Hill between 1883-88
  • 78,80 &82 Constitution Hill between 1888-94
  • 1,3,5,7 & 10  Constitution Hill between 1895-1914
  • 1915 – present Progress Works, Summer Lane

Over its history the company has been a prodigious produces of checks, tokens, tickets, key fobs and medals. Their products included public house and co-operative society tokens and colliery checks. As well as serving the home market H.B. Sale Ltd. are also noted for their exported products also.

An H.B. Sale  Ltd. Product Range Trade Advertisement of 1938 

The company’s products sometimes bear the maker’s signature which take the form of one of the following

  • Sale Birm
  • H.B. Sale, maker 61 Constitution Hill Birm

While no-longer a family owned company the firm of H.B. Sale Ltd. continued to trade until 2010 when it was officially dissolved.