Token Gallery

The “War Work” tokens covered by this web site have been categorised into the following groups;

Within each of the above groupings the individual token issuers are further sub-catergorised as works facilities operated on behalf of the British Wartime Government, Public or Privately owned companies or in some case Sole Traders or Contractors. Listing are made for all “War Work” token issuers currently known to the webmaster although active web page links are only currently available for issuers for whom details are currently prepared and token images available. Those issuers without active web page links will follow in due course.

The reader should note that this web project is a constantly evolving and additional issuer and token information will be added as and when it becomes available in order to enhance this actively growing on-line resource.

Visitors to the site are actively encouraged to leave their feed back via the comments posting facilities that can be found at the bottom of each token issuer listing page or via the site’s CONTACT page. The webmaster is always extremely keen to receive visitor feedback relating to the site and particularly when it may be related to details of a new related token issuer or additional token issue that is not recorded within the site’s on-line Token Gallery.