Van Der Velde of Newcastle-on-Tyne

Van Der Velde & Company of Newcastle-on-Tyne, were well-known engravers plus token, sign and stamp makers in North East England.

They are known to have supplied checks, tokens and sew-on type metallic badges to  local collieries and miner’s associations in addition to making other types of works checks plus public house and traders discount tokens. 

The company was established in 1862. By the mid-1930s they operated from premises located at 60 Pilgrim Street (on the corner with High Bridge Street), Newcastle. The company is known to have operated from at least two other addresses over their history including 30/44, Side, Newcastle. By 1959 they had moved along Pilgrim Street to new premises on the corner with Mosley Street.

The premises of Van Der Vedle & Company Ltd., 60 Priory Street, Newcastle

A compliments slip issued with orders despatched by Van Der Velde & Co. of Newcastle

An trade advertisement for Van Der Velde & Company of Newcastle indicating the range of their products and services.


3 thoughts on “Van Der Velde of Newcastle-on-Tyne

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I am looking at the history of Pilgrim Street and was really pleased to find out more about the first photo. Would I be able to use the content for a community project?


  2. Hi, I have some brass tokens, approx 1″¼ big, and I am trying to work out what they were used for. To the front they have a number along with Tynemouth Corperation and to the back it has Van Der Velde. Newcastle On Tyne. Your page was very helpful in helping figure out who made these but I can work out their purpose. Any ideas?


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