National Projectile Factory – Hackney Marches

Aerial view of the N.P.F. – Hackney Marches, London, 1921.

Facility Type & Function:

National Projectile Factory (N.P.F.) – The manufacture of 6″ High Explosive steel and 6 ” High Explosive cast-iron shells.

Brief History:

This purpose-built 37.5 acres factory site was constructed and later managed on behalf of the Ministry of Munitions by Dick Kerr & Company Limited. Construction of the site commenced on 15th October 1915 with it formal opening in February 1916. In 1918 the factory employed 3,170 men and 1,573 women.

A contemporary oil painting of a shell forge at the N.P.F. Hackney Marshes, 1918 by Anna Airy.

During the Great War the N.P.F. produced 6″ High Explosive steel and 6 ” High Explosive cast-iron shells. It is believed that the facility remained operational until 1922. The works were later demolished and the site largely cleared and restored to form what is today Mabley Green Recreation Ground.

Location Details:

Hackney Marches, London, Middlesex, England – National Factory Area No.3.

Associated Token, Check & Pass Issues:

Type I

Function: Unknown (Note 1)

Material: Brass

Design: Uniface with a plain edge and pierced for suspension.

Shape & Size: Oval,  30.2 mm x 42.3 mm

Obverse: Raised legend within a beaded outer border reads NATIONAL PROJECTILE FACTORY . HACKNEY MARCHES .  Example illustrate is unissued, bearing no stamped identification number in its centre field.

Reverse: Blank.

Date: 1916 to 1918

Maker: Unknown

Published References:  Unknown.


  1. The relatively large size of this check is typical of it being used as either an employee’s factory pass and/or pay collection identification check.

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