National Projectile Factory – Glasgow – Mile End

Munitionettes inspecting 6 ” shell casings at one of Sir Wiliam Beardmore & Company Limited’s National three National Projectile Factories in Glasgow c.1916-18.

Facility Type & Function:

National Projectile Factory (N.P.F.) – The manufacture of 6″ diameter plus 18 and 60 -pdr high explosive shells.

Brief History:

This factory was located in a part of a former cotton spinning mill (Grant’s Mill) at 101, David Street, Mile End, Glasgow. The mill was built in 1868 for G. Grant and Sons and was formally titled the Fordneuk Factory. The Projectile Factory was opened in late 1916 and was put under the operational management of Sir Wiliam Beardmore & Company Limited. In 1918 the factory employed 1,451 men and 1,746 women.

The Mile End N.P.F. was one of the N.P.F. sites in Glasgow during the Great War that was operated by Sir Wiliam Beardmore & Company Limited. The other two were at Cardonald and Mossend.

An aerial photograph of Grant’s Mill taken in June 1948. The full extent of the mill site is outlined in red with what is believed to be the buildings occupied by the Mile End N.P.F. can be seen in the southern corner of the site outlined in yellow. 

During the Great War, the N.P.F. produced over two million shells. These included  993,900 6-inch high explosive and chemical shells, 448,000 9.2 inch shells, 9,600 8-inch shells and 589,500 60-pounder shrapnel shells.

In 1919 the factory was turned over to the manufacture of 250lbs. and 500lbs. aircraft bombs.

The former site of Grant’s Mill was levelled in the 1970s and redeveloped.

Location Details:

David Street, Mill End, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland – National Factory Area No.9

Associated Token, Check & Pass Issues:

Type I

Function: Refreshment/Canteen Token

Material: White metal (zinc) alloy

Design: Uniface with a plain edge

Shape & Size: Circular,  29.2 mm with central pierced hole

Obverse: A raised legend in three lines reads M.E. / N.P.F. (dashed line below) / 1/2 RATION all within an outer beaded border.

Reverse: Blank.

Date: 1916 to 1918

Maker: Unknown

Published References:  Yarwood, J. – Supplement to the Military Tokens of the British Commonwealth. Page 41 – MMT138. Private Publication. November 2018.


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